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Minh mang tomb

Minh mang tomb - hue local tours

Among many stunning attractions of Hue city, Minh Mang tomb is one of the most visited because of its traditional beauty with red wooden palaces located in a vast tranquil space of green mountains. The stories about this talented king, the peaceful feeling when entering the ancient gate and the beautiful architecture make visiting Minh Mang tomb one thing that no traveller should skip when coming to Hue

About Minh Mang king

When Gia Long king, the 1st king of Nguyen Dynasty passed away in 1820, price Nguyen Phuc Dam, the 4th son of Gia Long king, became the successor, getting the royal name Minh Mang. During 21 years ruling the country, Minh Mang king had a lot of achievements in developing the country into a powerful and wealthy land. He was admired by people all over the country.

The construction

Following the tradition of preparing a good place for the after life, Minh Mang king had his tomb constructed in 1840, 20 years after he became the king. This is not only the place for him to rest in peace but also the private house for himself to come and unwind when he was still alive. However, he passed away one year later, in 1841, at the age of 52. The tomb continued to be built by the next king, Thieu Tri king and it was finsished in 1843

Architecture of Minh Mang tomb

Located of a surface 15 hectares, the tomb has beautifully constructed wooden houses surrounded by green lakes and garden. With the relaxing ambience and confortable amenities in the tomb such as living area, relaxing area, houses for star gazing…, It can be said that Minh Mang tomb is a private resort of this king.
Being the most traditional king, Minh Mang king follow all of the tradional steps in building his tomb. The first factor to be counted is choosing a good located both in scenery and Feng Shui . It took him 20 years to look for the location but it was worth his waiting.

Located 16 km from the city center, it is easily approached by car, motorcycle or dragon boat.

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